dental curing light

Introducing the SmartLite® Focus® Pen-Style LED Curing Light

With SmartLite® Focus®, you can trust that your curing light is doing its job. Designed to maximize the success of your restorations, it helps reduce the variables that are inherent with light curing. From its deep penetrating collimated light beam to easy handling and operation, you’ll discover that having focus is essential to what you do.

A more collimated beam provides:
- Greater energy available at depth
- Lower risk of uncured resin at gingival margin
- Reduced pathways for secondary caries to form

Distance is the difference.

Many lights deliver less than 35% of their stated energy output to the floor of a deep proximal box. But not SmartLite® Focus®. It channels energy into a beam of light that goes down to 8mm deep.

Predictively Uniform Beam Profile.

SmartLite® Focus® uses a homogeneous beam profile and an intuitive single-mode design to deliver uniform curing performance within the curing area. This also reduces hot and cold spot variation making it less sensitive to movement during the curing cycle.

Smart, innovative features:

- 330° Head Rotation
- Pen-style Design
- Excellent Intra-Oral Control
- Collimated Beam
- Smart Recharge Technology

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